On this page you will find the projects that I am currently working on or have worked on in the past.

Most of these projects are applications but some are research reports or papers from my studies at university for assessment. The projects will fall under these two categories:

  1. Publically Available: The application/research report or paper is available to download either from my site or the relevant digital store. Don’t worry an appropriate link will be provided.
  2. Private Unavailable: Some of the projects that I work on I do not own and cannot distribute (sorry). However if I can detail and showcase them, then they will be displayed in this category. So feel free to take a look and if you have more questions don’t hesitate to send me an email.

Please note that if you obtain any material from my site then the sole ownership of the content belongs to the original content creator/creators and distribution is forbidden unless specifically allowed.

Publically Available



CBRTraffic was my final year project for my bachelor of computer science degree. The application allows the user to create a road network and add vehicles to the network to simulate traffic. To find out more click the heading link.

Contribution:  Intersection creation, traffic movement, and drawing the road network.

Research Papers and Reports

Deep Neural Networks (2015)

A research report about Deep Neural Networks (DNNs) and Convolutional Neural Networks (CNNs). Covering the limitations and drawbacks of DNNs, some techniques in training DNNs, and the CNNs main operations and processes with real world applications of CNNs.

Contribution: Analysis of CNNs, their operations, process, and real world applications.

Final Grading: High Distinction.

Download Deep Learning: Deep Neural Networks and Convolutional Neural Networks

Multi-Factor Authentication (2014)

A security research paper that outlines the history of authentication from one factor to three factor, an analysis of a generic three factor authentication security model with specific emphasis on the schemes and protocols plus security attackers. Finally a concrete instantiation of a three factor authentication protocol based on this generic security model with a full security analysis is provided.

Contribution: Three factor concrete instantiation and security analysis.

Final Grading: High Distinction.

Download Multi-Factor Authentication

Short Designated Verifier Proxy Signature (2013)

A security research paper that outlines the security preliminaries used by our own concrete instantiation of a Designated Verifier Proxy Signature (DVPS) based off of the Proxy Signature (PS), Designated Verifier Signature (DVS) and Short Designated Verifier Proxy Signature (SDVPS). Along with the concrete instantiation of a DVPS we offer complete definitions, schemes and security properties and analysis.

Contribution: Designated Verifier Proxy Signature (DVPS) concrete instantiation and security preliminaries on the Short Designated Verifier Proxy Signature (SDVPS).

Final Grading: High Distinction.

Download Short Designated Verifier Proxy Signature from Pairings

Private Unavailable


Three Player Chess

Have you ever thought that two player Chess was too easy? Click the heading link above to learn more about three player Chess.

Contribution: Chess piece movement logic.

SAfe Fast & Easy Reporting (SAFER)

Have you ever had to report an incident to the authorities but didn’t know which authority to report the incident to? Click the heading link above to learn about a prototype solution to help resolve this problem.

Contribution: Android mobile application.

Accolades: Winner of Itree ShipIT 2017 Best Solution Award.