Problems with auto-subscribing emails

When it comes to emails, there’s nothing more annoying then getting spam or junk. What’s worse is when you buy a product online, you checkout as a guest so that you don’t need to create an account on their site, you uncheck all the boxes that related to getting emails and then you get a marketing or promotional email.

This happened to me recently. I bought some new workout gear, unchecked everything I needed to. That day I got the emails regarding my purchase and receipt which I expected. What I didn’t expect was 3 weeks later an email from the store asking me to review the products which will allow me to be entered in a draw. Like really? This isn’t a fake or phishing email either. It’s a legitimate email from the store I bought the products from.

To make things worse I can’t unsubscribe; sigh. At the bottom of most emails like this there’s an “update your email preference” or unsubscribe link. This email had the unsubscribe link, so I clicked it and I’m directed to essentially a blank page with no way to unsubscribe. Opening up the developer tools on my browser, I check to see if there is a network issue. Nope that’s fine. I open up the console tab and there’s a jquery error causing the page not to render correctly.

It seems that I’ll forever be subscribed to this mailing list until the page is fixed. I could contact the store and complain about it, but I doubt that would resolve the issue for me. So to everyone out there, please double check the email preferences that are set when you buy products online and if you’re trying to unsubscribe and the page is forever loading or is just blank, open up the dev tools for your browser and check the network and/or console logs.

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