My Artificial Neural Network Application & Podcast

The last month my blog has been fairly quiet.

I have been a little busy working on my artificial neural network, practising BJJ and playing some video games; plus I was sick for a couple of days. Initially my plan (which I stuck to for an extended period) was to put out a blog post every one to two weeks. However coming up with meaningful content that often can be fairly difficult.

This month I plan on writing about my artificial neural network with some emphasis on how a multi-layer perceptron works and how my application works/be used. It can be viewed on my GitHub page.

The current state of my artificial neural network on GitHub is just the skeleton with the majority of the code still not pushed to the repository. As I start to push the meat of the artificial neural network components such as the feed-forward, backward propagation, etc I will be creating specific blog posts.

The podcast that I was working on has not turned out as expected so I am in the process of re-evaluating the tools and topics that I will cover. I still plan on creating a podcast and with the new Content Creator version of Skype it should make the process  much simpler.