Basic Classifier


While I was studying my Master of Computer Science degree I took a number of artificial intelligence subjects and I sort of fell in love with the concept of artificial intelligence and intelligent systems. I didn’t want to stop working with AI so I decided to work on a really small side project.


You may be asking what exactly is the Basic Classifier application?

A generic command console fully connected, supervised trained, artificial neural network (multi-layer perceptron) that

  • is constructed structurally using parameters provided by the user making it near limitless to the amount of inputs, outputs, hidden layers and hidden layer neurons for the neural network
  • is trained using data that is provided by the user allowing for classification of any information


C# is the programming language in which the artificial neural network is written in.



The project is open source and can be obtained on GitHub.

GitHub URL:

For any information regarding the project please either send me an email, leave a comment here on my blog or on the GitHub account.