Universal Windows Platform Programming Aid Series Incoming

Hello everyone, I hope this week has treated you well so far, I know it has me.

With my prototype bills tracker UWP app nearly converted over to a fully fledged commercial UWP app that is ready for the Windows Store; minus all the media elements that I still need to draw. I realised a couple of things when working on my app, some things that should have been easy and obvious were difficult and obscure or there was no clear documentation on how to perform a certain operation and the examples provided were lacking. I ended up relying on various Stack Overflow answers, other bloggers and technical forums or experimentation to solve the problems that I was facing.

In saying all of that I will be starting a small series which can hopefully act as aids and help you solve some of the issues that I faced when writing my app. I managed to solve my problems, so I only find it fitting that if there are other individuals out there scouring the internet looking for an answer to the same problem that I faced, why not provide a potential solution or aid in the understanding and how to come towards a solution. I will also be referencing and linking to the original answers to ensure full credit is provided to the ones who helped me (where available) and if my aids are helpful or you feel that they need amending then please let me know; I want my series to be as informative and correct as possible with software development best practises enforced. The more knowledge that we all share the greater chance we have of impacting someone’s life in a positive way.

So stay tuned in the coming weeks for the first “episode” of the series (it won’t be in a video format), and it will either be covering the lifecycle of a UWP app or binding values to controls like a ComboBox. If someone has any suggestions I will gladly take them on board for potential entries into the series.

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