Not One but Two New Apps Incoming

So it has been a little over a week (and I know I promised myself that I would be posting weekly, and I am a little late, terribly sorry) but I have been thinking what to write about. Do I write about my BJJ training and my upcoming grading (only one more day left)? The absolute blast I am having playing Prey or PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS with my friends? Or do I write about what I have been working on at work (been too busy to work on personal projects sadly)? But after a quick chat to my dad I know what I want to write about.

Before my dad and I had our chat, I knew for better part of a month what my new app was going to be. The idea I had for the app was a simple finance tracker where you can easily see your expenses and subscriptions. The reason that I am writing this app is so that:

  1. I can get some experience writing in C# and for the Universal Windows Platform.
  2. Better manage my expenses and subscriptions without having to use Microsoft Excel (not that Microsoft Excel is bad or anything).
  3. Potentially help others who need to track their expenses and subscriptions.

There are other apps or services on the market already but as my first and third points clearly state, it is about me learning and developing new skills while creating something I am going to use and potentially others as well. It is not all about the final product/solution for me.

Back to my chat with my dad now. He asked if there is an easy to use app or service that my mum can use to ensure that all the bills are paid on time, something to simply remind her. I first thought, “What? Are we not paying the bills on time?”, he said it was more of a measure to better budget and ensure nothing slips though the cracks; then I thought “Do we not have enough money to pay the bills?” Again he assured me everything is good and it is more about a better management system than the current management system. In my house we all use Windows machines (Windows 10 in particular), so I suggested first to use Cortana to set reminders. But then I remembered that she uses a local machine account and does not have a Microsoft account. Even if she had a Microsoft account, she really is not good with technology, especially computers. Creating an account, keeping it secure and having her manage something on the computer would be a little of a stretch if I was asked. She needs something simple, something that is easy for her to get a quick overview of all the bills that need paying when and how much. The UI needs to be basic as well, not just functionally basic.

That is when I decided to work on another finance app. A simple bills tracker. The user will be able to see what bills they have outstanding, what is due first, and how much. Nothing fancy and something that even my mum could use. I don’t know about most people but having this tool would be super useful and even better if someone like my mum could use it easily. Are there apps out there already? Again the answer is yes. But this way I can again work on my skills and tailor the app to suit my parents needs.

So there it is. Two new apps that I am working on. One that will be able to help you track your expenses and subscriptions and one that will help you manage your bills. Maybe they will end up being a single app, not sure yet. It would depend how I design the apps both visually and architecturally. Right now I am going to be focusing on bills tracker app to help my parents, and then either combine the finance tracker app to the bills tracker app or work on the finance tracker app as a standalone product.

Stay tuned for some new posts about the apps (or app).

5 thoughts on “Not One but Two New Apps Incoming”

    1. Right now my target platform is Windows 10. So that includes both desktop and mobile. Once I feel that the Windows 10 version is stable and meets the users expectations (and mine) I will begin the process of porting the apps to Android. As for how I port the app over I am unsure, potentially Xamarin.

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      1. I’m interested to see how multi platform development goes with Xamarin. Right now I am targeting Android only but will need to break through to iOS in the near future.

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